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We at Saint Luke Lutheran Church believe that every person is a child of God and God’s unconditional love, grace and mercy is there for all people. Every person has worth as an individual and every person is entitled to dignity and respect.

We publicly welcome people of any race, nationality, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression into the community of this congregation, and we encourage everyone to share their faith, gifts and talents in worship, service, study, leadership, and fellowship.

We commit to remove all barriers that exclude people from full and active participation in this congregation.

We will continually strive to eliminate prejudice from our own thoughts and actions and discourage prejudice by others at every opportunity.

Welcome one another, therefore, as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God, proclaims Holy Scripture, Romans 7:15. Let us indeed welcome one another as Jesus Christ has first welcomed us.

Statement of Intentional Welcome – Adopted, Congregation Council, March 2017

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