It’s St. Francis Day, when we remember the beauty of creation, especially the gift of animals and our pets. Many times Saint Luke has hosted a Blessing of the Animals.  Let us hope we can gather next year.

For now, today, we invite you to have a time of prayer and participate in blessing your pet:

Let us pray:

Holy God, we thank you for the gift of life.  Recalling Francis who celebrated your love for all creation, today we embrace our connectedness to all: to wind, sea and sky; to earthworm, giraffe and chicken; to fish and puppy, to cats of the jungle and in our homes. Deepen our care for all that lives; in the name of Jesus, our teacher, Savior, and friend.


(You may put your hand on your pet and say the blessing)

Holy God, I thank you for the gift of (pet’s name) in my life. Through this animal you have brought many blessings. Today I pause to name my gratitude, and to pray a blessing on (pet’s name). For the companionship of pets I say thanks.  Bless this animal’s life in my care.  May (pet’s name) know love throughout all life’s days. Amen.

 Let us pray:

Gracious and loving God, you place all living things into the care of humankind. We pray that companionship with house-hold pets will deepen our care for animals everywhere.  Help us to balance our needs with theirs, and lead us in ways of life together that will be sustainable for all.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Now – time for hugs and treats!  J